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3 strategic ways to find more customers with acquisition email marketing
08 July 2020

3 strategic ways to find more customers with acquisition email marketing


Email generates the highest ROI than any other marketing channel and beats social by 40% in terms of customer acquisition. That’s why over 56% of companies are incorporating Email marketing in their arsenal.

Attracting new customers and business has become a top priority for almost all marketers. Companies of all sizes, from small to big, have achieved tremendous success with email marketing as a path to acquire new customers. 

Following are top 3 strategic ways to find more customers with acquisition email marketing.


  1. Take a strategic approach to build your audience:

In customer acquisition campaigns, the idea is to initiate relationships with prospects that are similar to your existing customers. Analyze the current customers of your clients and look for the right audience using a segmented approach.

Look for target audiences that match your specifications, and don’t get caught up in reaching a random number. Spend time ensuring your email data is unique and of the highest quality. Poor quality email data only wastes your time and money, and worse, it can land your company on spam blacklists.

Building a robust audience takes time and effort, but the initial groundwork and ongoing refinement will help ensure your marketing efforts are reaching the most valuable targets.


  1. Leverage email with other marketing efforts:

In order to get successful marketing campaigns, one needs to leverage email with other marketing tactics especially when you are trying to acquire new prospects to your lists.

Integrate acquisition emails with programmatic ads, these types of integrated campaigns are taking higher momentum in getting new prospects down your list.

With such campaigns you can spark prospect’s interest with an email message and once they show some level of engagement, follow them with a targeted display ad to remind them of that initial interest. 

It can work the other way, too. Anyone clicking on a display ad can be retargeted with an email to create multiple touch points.


  1. Don’t lose sight of the end goal:

The main purpose of email marketing is not necessarily to generate the highest open rates or click-through rates. For most businesses, the purpose is, ultimately, to generate revenue.

According to a study, Econsultancy reports 15% of marketing budgets are allocated to email marketing and that this platform remains to be a top performer for ROI.

Acquisition campaigns bring untold potential revenue by landing new customers with the possibility of repeat business.

While it is important to track open and click-through rates, acquisition email will have different metrics than customer campaigns -- so compare accordingly. And remember, the most important metric is revenue.

Lastly, once you’ve converted prospects into customers, continue to establish trust and build those relationships. Once again, email can be integral to your ability to do just that as you communicate with them throughout their journey with you.

Email is a remarkable tool for building relationships with prospects and turning those prospects into sales. Start identifying patterns and tweak your campaigns for driving maximum results. 


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