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5 Ways to Warm Up a Cold Email Lead
08 July 2020

5 Ways to Warm Up a Cold Email Lead


With every new email lead comes the hope of a new professional relationship, for both your network and your direct business. Many a times these leads become unresponsive or simply just disappear.

There are plenty of reasons why this might happen. Put yourself in customer’s shoes, you’ll know that life is busy and full of distractions.

Chances are there that your offer might simply have slipped out of their mind, while they were chasing another online “butterfly,” or might be waiting for the right time, or looking for other options.

But this doesn’t mean that these leads are not interested in your product. Don’t give up on these cold leads–warm them back up, instead. Following are 5 advanced tactics that make sure that won’t let any lead slip from your hands.


  1. Build Credibility:

There are two ways to get people to listen to your point or message. Either you can use brief statements to build credibility about who you are and why they should listen or you can rely on the credibility of the entire mail.

Whatever it is, reality is that cold leads won’t listen to you until you give them a compelling reason to do so. Add credibility to your mail by adding any sort of accomplishments to it.

Doing this will increase the level of attention of your prospects and the chances of you generating a warm lead.  


  1. Automate mail sending time:

You might have heard the advice to automate mail sending time again and again. But the secret here is time, consistency, and careful thought put into the wording you use in your automated messages.

According to a study done by Entrepreneur, it recommends sending B2B emails on Tuesday at 10 AM to receive best response from your prospects.

Getting your mail delivered at the right time will increase the chances of getting higher click and open rates.


  1. Be customer and consumer friendly:

Being customer and consumer friendly means that you are available to them 24/7 through any point of contact. For this you don’t need to be on call for hours, but a seamless experience can be carried out through email.

If prospects have any query regarding your offers or services, they can contact a service rep but most users go for a customer service portal if it’s available.

Link to your self-service knowledge base directly in your emails and prominently on your home page.


  1. Offer incentive:

Give your leads a reason to visit you back. You know that they should, but they might not. Huffington Post recommends that a gift, time-sensitive discount, or a free offer like a knowledge article or whitepaper offered is the best way to re-engage cold leads.  Your offer does not have to cost the company a lot, either. Remind them about what they’re missing:


  1. Go mobile friendly:

“40% of consumers said that their mobile phone is their primary device for checking email.”

Reaching a customer’s cell phone is like striking gold. It can feel a little casual, yes. But that does not change the fact that you are directly reaching your customer’s fingertips. Optimize your mail copy and subject line for mobile devices and follow up with cold email leads where they spend most of their time.

According to a study, it requires an average 8 cold calls to reach a lead and over 80% of sales done requires at least 5 follow up calls to convert them into a solid lead.

Don’t be the part of the group of salespeople who gives up after one or two attempts. It’s important for you to revive cold leads, for this you don’t have to maintain constant communication, but a consistent communication can do magic. 

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