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7 Proven Tricks to Increase Your Email Marketing ROI
08 July 2020

7 Proven Tricks to Increase Your Email Marketing ROI


Online marketers include email marketing in their tool kit as it is proven to fetch the highest ROI for their business. Apart from the incredible ROI emails offer they are cost-effective too. They help in creating brand awareness as with every email sent the user is reminded of the business and brand.

However, to attain a good ROI is not that easy, as for that your emails are to be opened and deliver the engagement the subscribers look forward to.

Simply delivering emails cannot make you earn a decent ROI. You need to closely monitor what works best with the users and what kind of stuff they are interested in reading.

Below I will be sharing 7 proven tricks that can help you increase the ROI from your email marketing campaigns.

Let’s get started,

  • Segment your email list


Don’t follow the ‘one size fits all’ approach for your email campaigns. According to a study, marketers who have segmented their lists have experienced a 760% increase in revenue.


You need to segment your email list analyzing their behavior patterns, the demographics, the purchasing history, interests, and from the subscriber data which shows whether they are first-time user or repeat user and their behavior in the sales funnel stages.


By segmenting your lists, you can treat them with tailored and unique offers which ultimately boosts your conversions.


  • Craft Personalized Emails

Don’t treat this as an option, as personalizing the emails have helped marketers get better engagement levels with their email campaigns. Tweaking the email copy elements with personalized elements like, mentioning the first name while addressing in the subject line itself or by presenting some follow-up emails depending upon their last purchase has worked beneficially for email campaigns.


These simple hacks can add a drastic difference as the user is treated special and cared for. Employing personalization hacks increase email click-through rates by an average of 14% and conversions by 10%.


  • Take Care of the Deliverability Rates

Don’t feel relaxed just by sending emails to your subscriber lists. Make sure the emails have reached the right place i.e. the Inbox and if they are being spammed then analyze the reasons behind that. You need to give your users quality content avoiding spam words which can pass the spam filters and get delivered straight to the inboxes.


Also, including the ‘Unsubscribe’ button in the email is considered as a best practice.


  • Work out the best days to send emails

Sending emails when your users prefer to read them is also considered essential for an email campaigns success. You need to find out the best days and time which receive the highest open rates. Also consider timing before sending emails if you have a global audience.


Many reports suggest Tuesday 10:00 AM as the best time to send emails, but for some Saturday is the best time. You need to make sure that you design your email campaign keeping all these facts in mind.


  • Craft Mobile-optimized Emails

With almost 50% of the user base checking their emails on mobiles, you need to craft mobile-responsive emails and optimize them for different mobile device compatibility.

Emails if not optimized for small screens can result in higher bounce rates and unsubscribe rates which is unhealthy for your email campaign’s success.


  • Use engaging subject lines

If your email campaign aims at getting higher open rates, you need to work on creating headlines that can grab the reader’s attention and force them to view the email. You can show urgency of an exclusive offer or amazing gifts on purchasing immediately or discount coupons when referring a friend to the brand.


  • Include CTAs That Force to ACT Upon

Don’t Miss out on including a decent Call-to-Action in your email copy. You need to tell users the further course of action they need to perform. This can be redirecting users to the website to gain more information about the company or products or read reviews or to the e-Com page for purchasing the product.

Using verbs in CTAs is considered as a good practice. Also make sure you design CTA buttons with simple actionable words that are thought-provoking.


The aim of your email campaign should be to deliver information and benefit subscribers with a solution or make them aware of your existence. Trying the above described tips can affect your conversion rates, but make sure you deliver quality and relevancy in your emails.

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